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About Me

I'm a full-stack and mobile developer, and a UI/UX designer on the side. I enjoy working on fun projects, and away from the computer I play cello and compose music.

My primary languages are JavaScript, HTML/CSS/Sass, and Go. I'm experienced with technologies such as React, React Native, Node.js, and GraphQL. I also have experience with query languages and APIs for databases including MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, and FaunaDB.

My real name is Felix. I live in New York, and outside of programming I enjoy quality time with my dog, reading, and playing/creating music. I love learning new things.

Feel free to shoot me an email at! If you want to schedule a call, here's my Calendly — I'm open to anything. I'm also available on Discord at @Kognise#6356, feel free to send a friend request.

My projects have achieved high rankings on Product Hunt, Hacker News, Reddit, and GitHub Trending. If you want to work with me on something with me don't hesitate to reach out! I like cool projects.

I also run an education-focused beginner-friendly programming community based on Discord with just over 800 members and a cheesy name. Make sure to join or check out the website.

Here are some books I recommend

If you think I'm cool you could buy me a new one 😊

Here are a few cool resources/tools I love