About Me

  "title": "Kognise",
  "name": "Felix Mattick",
  "email": "hi@kognise.dev",
  "discord": "Kognise#6356",
  "age": 14.577755565639270,
  "interests": [
    "web development",
    "ui/ux design",
    "learning new things",
    "cello and composition",
    "overusing json"
  "languageKnowledgeOutOf10": {
    "javascript": 10,
    "css": 9,
    "html": 9,
    "python": 7,
    "go": 6,
    "java": 3,
    "c": 2
  "technologyKnowledgeOutOf10": {
    "node": 10,
    "react": 9,
    "scssAndSass": 9,
    "svelte": 5,
    "ember": 5

Hi! If you were wondering, my full name is Felix Mattick, I'm 14.5778 years old, and you can contact me at hi@kognise.dev. I'm super familiar with languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML as well as technologies such as Node, React, and Sass. By the way, you'll be able to see a lot more about me on a taller screen!