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My Projects

A collection of the favorite things I'm working on, people I'm working with, and finished projects. I've worked on other things but I'm most proud of these.

NYU VIP Smart Cities Sensors

I'm working with other members of the NYU VIP Smart Cities Sensors team to install air quality monitors in Shanghai and remotely view the data. Mobile

I worked with members of the team to make a prototype mobile app with React Native.


I made a dead simple classless CSS framework to make your ideas and demos beautiful which now has over 5.2k stars on GitHub. Widgets

I designed a collection of functional and beautiful SVG widgets for a Discord bot listing site to embed bot info on websites.


My submission and the winner of a contest. Easily find new fonts, preview them in realistic layouts, and share your choices.

Project Liam

In wake of Google killing Inbox a few friends and I began making a new Gmail client. Put on hold for more important things.


I created a beautiful and minimal command-line point-to-point chat program for simple and semi-secure communication. Workflow

I worked with members of the team to create a new open editing site.