Hi. I'm a programmer and side-project extraordinaire.

Right now I'm running a hackathon and preparing a product launch. My favorite technologies are TypeScript, Rust, and Next.js.

I spend a lot of time online. When I'm not, you can find me reading, flying planes, and making music. I've played cello for 10 years!


In-development novel email client built to prioritize UX and design.


Offline-first syncronized music streaming and radio web app I built on a train.


A tiny hosted key-value store and dashboard used by many hobby projects.


Semi-decentralized encrypted chat platform as a progressive web app.

Flight Plan Converter

Tool to convert between flight sim and IRL flight plans.


Toy chess engine built I built in one week with some friends.


Font discovery, pairing, and preview tool that won the Replit Space Jam.

Obsidian Aviation

FAA FAR/AIM and more as an automatically linked Obsidian fault.


Highly configurable selfbot for Slack with lots of commands.


The first COVID-19 tracking Discord bot, and an early verified bot.


Reverse-engineered plugin loader for the note taking program Obsidian.

Digital.gov Workflow

Prototype modernized React open editing site for Digital.gov.

Stacc Analytics

Lightweight privacy-first analytics service that won best design at BridgeHacks.

NYU VIP Smart Cities Sensors

Sensors, data infrastructure, and display dashboards built for NYU.


Small SSH honeypot designed to trick bots with a realistic Bash clone.


Joke command-line tool to deploy web projects to Neocities.


The predecessor to Crypticat, a slightly insecure point-to-point CLI chat tool.


The first and only Replit UPM plugin for Visual Studio Code.

Among JS

Parser and some documentation for the Among Us UDP protocol.


JSON-inspired note taking app that won best design at Node Knockout.


Tiny optionally-anonymous message board for sharing text posts.


Toy server-rendered React framework for javaScript-less websites.


Beat Saber mod that enables varied lighting effects in multiplayer.

Replit Mobile

Prototype React Native mobile app for the Replit cloud IDE.


"Rickrolling as a Service," a joke service and toolsetfor generating links to memes.


A proof-of-concept video aggregation and searching platform for self-hosting.


A hacky Python script to efficiently perform multithreaded file searching.


My first foray into web development with an attempt to simplify encryption and signing.

Get in touch

Feel free to reach out for literally any reason, I am always happy to talk! I can be reached via email at hi@kognise.dev or Discord at Kognise#6356.

Want to work with me? I have a lot of experience with frontend and backend development, especially around JavaScript/TypeScript, CSS/Sass/PostCSS, React/Next.js, Express, MongoDB, and more. I also do some UI/UX design on the side.

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