Kognise’s Brand Guidelines

We live in a universe in which referring to me may be an eventuality for some. If this is a necessity for you, please follow these guidelines and keep it tasteful!

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Don't put my name in your name. In fact, don't incorporate my name, logo, or other branding into any of your branding or naming.

Additionally, don't use my logo or name in any way that implies affiliation or endorsement where such a relationship doesn't exist.

Please credit me if I've contributed to something. Do not imply affiliation if I didn't give you permission. Use phraseology such as “made with contributions by Kognise” or “with feedback from Kognise.”

If my name appears in the context of textual content, apply capitalization consistently with the surrounding material. In most cases, capitalize the K and leave the rest lowercase, but exceptions may be made for entirely capitalized text or text featuring other fully-lowercase proper nouns.

When speaking my name out loud, please pronounce it as /ˈkägˌnaɪz/. You can click on the orange text to hear this synthesized.

Logo usage

Use only my full and small logos available from official sources. Don't modify, distort, or add additional elements to the logo. Only display it in monochrome, and make sure to use colors that meet the WCAG Level AAA contrast guidelines against the background. If you have to rotate it, use multiples of 45 degrees, and don't rotate it by exactly 180 degrees.

You may use the “PFP” form of my logo in the context of the profile picture on a website or a mockup of such a context.

If my logo is used alongside other logos in a similar category, it should closely match their size and color contrast. Allow space around my logo to provide breathing room, especially when paired with other logos.

Don't use my logo as a primary element or in a way that's equal to your brand elements.

My branding can be downloaded from media.kognise.dev/logos.


Transformations of my name must be portmanteaus, combining all or part of an English word with my name. You may combine my name with a non-English word if an English equivalent is provided as well. Feel free to use approved nicknames such as “koggy,” “kogs,” “koggers,” and “kog.”

Any portmanteaus must either begin with “kog” and not contain “nise,” or end with “nise” and not contain “kog.” Make it obvious what the source word is. Feel free to make puns, as long as you don't create humiliating portmanteaus or transformations of my name.

Press & media

You're welcome to refer to me in a book, article, blog post, or other similar piece of content, but please follow the guidelines to ensure proper use.

If the medium allows it, provide a link to my website, GitHub, or Polywork. In addition or as a substitute you may provide my contact email, hi@kognise.dev. When using my name inline in textual content, especially in banners or posters, please write it out instead of using the logo.

Do not use my name, logo, or a portmanteau of my name on any website containing adult content, promoting gambling, or prominently featuring material related to the sale of alcohol or tobacco.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out at branding@kognise.dev. You will typically receive a reply within 1 business day.

(In case it wasn't obvious, this page is humorous. Probably. You better stay on the safe side!)